What Is DeepFit?

DeepFit is a digital reporting and analytics tool that athletes of any sport can add to their daily routine. The tool helps you gain a "window" on your inner game and optimize any training program. In under 2 minutes a day, you make dramatic gains in body-mind strength and knowledge of your personal training cycles. 

Kinda cool, right?

There are no gimmicks, games or gadgets involved. We’re not providing motivational quotes or visualization help. DeepFit has extracted the components of sports psychology that athletes can actually use — namely, targeted data about how your mental-emotional status is working in conjunction with your training.

DeepFit is still in "beta," meaning we are still refining the user interface and reporting formats. It's not in its final form but it's simple and it works!

What’s the time commitment?

The DeepFit Daily Self-Report takes each athlete about 2 minutes a day, which rounds out to less than an hour a month.

Do I need to download an app?

You don't need to download anything to start. The beta version of our platform is completely browser-based to keep it easy and universal. It’s also mobile-friendly!

What’s the cost?

Your first 21 days on DeepFit are free. This includes the baseline week, where everyone has a chance to get used to the daily reporting process and establish their personal DeepFit parameters. (We can't run the analytics until you have completed this first week.)

After the first 7 days, you get a free 14-day preview of your analytics dashboard. If you have any questions about your data, you can schedule a phone call with DeepFit's founder, Dan, to learn more.

After the 21-day trial, the monthly fee to stay on DeepFit, including daily reporting and dashboard access, is just $5 per athlete!

Continuation for $5 a month is an incredible value. The DeepFit algorithm automatically adjusts to the changes that occur in your emotions and training state. As you make gains or face challenges, your dashboard sets appropriate new parameters.

Why is self-reporting so valuable?

If athletes tell their coach where they’re at, coaches have a chance to help them train more effectively. If you don’t say anything, your coach is driving blind. The same is true for what you report to yourself. A lot of the power in DeepFit is in making a habit out of checking in with your body and mind, and doing that in an effective way.

Every athlete on earth needs to self-report in some way, shape or form.

Why does DeepFit focus on subjective data, instead of things like heart rate, calories, VO2 max and other objective data?

We believe in the value of objective data as well, but there are plenty of apps and tools you can find to help you with that. Subjectivity (especially emotions) is almost completely overlooked in the world of recreational sports, and DeepFit wants to fix that.

Studies show that as elite and professional athletes move deeper into their careers, subjective data becomes more precise. In many cases, pros can even replace the objective data-collection tools with their own inner knowledge.

If every sports gadget and supplement disappeared tomorrow, DeepFitters would still find ways to optimize their training, perform better and get healthier.

Who is in the DeepFit community?

The DeepFit community spans the international scene and many of the most devoted sports segments, from ultrarunners and Spartan racers to competitive CrossFitters. You're next!

How do I start?

Get started by filling out our quick contact form. We’ll be in touch via email to bring you (or your team) on board!