Team DeepFit has a 1-week project for 1 talented designer and 1 awesome programmer, with a preference for folks who are based in the Boulder/Denver area.

What's the project? Well, as we continue to grow our user base of coaches and athletes, we're gathering a lot of important feedback and specific needs. Within the next 6 weeks, it will be time to roll out an "alpha" version of the DeepFit platform. This will be a web-based application with greater functionality than the beta (currently in the market). The alpha will be built on a strong foundation for future iterations of the product, including a potential phone app version.

Whether you're a designer or a programmer you'll have these qualities:

  1. An understanding of the sports and fitness space
  2. A passion for DeepFit's mission: Shift industry and individual focus to the cognitive-emotional side of the fitness equation
  3. A desire to build products people love, and the ability to execute on that desire
  4. Maturity, transparency, accountability and grit

As mentioned above, we estimate this project will take 1 week (or less). You'll be involved with an awesome team and you'll end up with a great piece for your portfolio. You'll also have the chance to earn equity in the company and, depending on your qualifications, a small paycheck for the job.

Interested? Send me an email with links to previous work and a description of your skills, including the programming languages and frameworks you use. I don't need traditional resumes, I just need to see what you are able to accomplish.