DeepFit athlete Kristen Woodland races through another obstacle with a smile on her face.

DeepFit athlete Kristen Woodland races through another obstacle with a smile on her face.

When you get to the starting line physically, mentally and emotionally ready you will succeed.
— Kristen Woodland, DeepFit Blue Belt

Life isn't just one starting line, a whole bunch of obstacles, and a single finish line. It's something new all the time. You can choose to approach every new challenge with a "starting line" mentality.

I often talk with DeepFit's competition-focused athletes about the starting line mentality for their races. When you step up to that line, you won't have the benefit of all the gadgets you use in your training. You may not be able to hear your coach or make adjustments based on his or her cues. You're basically just a big ball of emotions with muscle and bone holding the energy together!

It's a huge challenge, especially because the emotions are not as nearly predictable as they are on a typical day.

In response to the unpredictability and wide variation of their athletes' emotional states, coaches usually say to "focus" and "be tough." These are OK cues. Focus and toughness are safe zones to be in, and way better than being stressed or down.

Here's what helps even more: Know the emotions that are already present for you and choose the ones you want to use as fuel for your competition.

Hint: Happiness and security are some of the best emotions for high performance, even though they don't sound as badass as toughness and determination.

Kristen Woodland (above) gets it right more often than most of us. A former national-level gymnast and now a mom, she trains these days for Spartan obstacle course races. The reason she is able to smile through the toughest competition moments is that she practices being in that zone during her daily training. It's a lot easier on race day if you've been there 9 out of 10 days in recent history.

Team DeepFit believes this approach works best for their races, and for all the "starting lines" in life. Stay tuned to the DeepFit blog and your coach (if your coach is working with us) for tips on how to implement this whole philosophy.


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