Ashley Frank, DeepFit black belt, digs deep with the cognitive-emotional half of her training every day.

Ashley Frank, DeepFit black belt, digs deep with the cognitive-emotional half of her training every day.

DeepFit's mission is to shift the focus of an entire field, the field of sports and fitness technology, from almost 100% functional (weights, power, steps, paces) to almost 100% cognitive and emotional.

We have the not-so-weird idea that this shift is actually pretty easy to make. Why? Athletes have always been at least 50% cognitive-emotional in their approach. They just haven't always had the tools to make it an easy process.

The False Choice

The big question that always comes up for athletes when they are starting to use DeepFit is: If I make this shift to the cognitive-emotional side, what do I have to give up on the functional side? Isn't this just another thing my coach is telling me I have to do every morning?

That's a false choice

The reality is, you have to pay attention to both halves of the equation. Just as you're tracking data on the functional half, you need to be devoting a little time each day to processing your cognitive-emotional half.

What good does all your functional progress do if you end up so burned out and frustrated that you have to take 3 months off of training?

What if you make the gains you want, and you feel great about it, but the feeling fades 2 weeks later because you didn't learn to hardwire that positive psychology?

The Right Choice

When I get too set on how many days or how many hours or how many reps or how heavy a weight I have to do, that’s when I get injured or frustrated or burned out.
— Ashley Frank, DeepFit Black Belt

The right choice for your long-term success and health as an athlete is to pay equal attention to both halves of the equation, functional and cognitive. Or think of it as external and internal, shareable goals and not-so-shareable-but-steady progress.

And I will go a step farther to say that if you have to choose one set or the other, choose internally driven progress and cognitive-emotional strength over all the rest of it.

The simple reason: That's what the world's best athletes do. If you focus on process, the results will happen. This has been proven again and again in studies.

The converse is not so true. If you focus only on the "do this, don't do that" mindset, as if that will magically transport you to the finish line, you may never get there. That's a risk you shouldn't take with your training!

Stay On It

Here at DeepFit, we know our prototype is not the flashiest piece of software in the sports and fitness business. That doesn't bother us. Our focus is to stay on the cutting edge of the research and keep asking the right questions.

Same thing goes for your personal journey to deep inner strength. Don't worry about the noise. Just focus on making simple, steady gains every day. It will pay off!

Ready To Make The Shift?

Contact your coach or trainer, and send us your information today! I'll be in touch ASAP to get you on board.