Sports psychologists have observed that the emotional profile of a very fit but overtrained athlete looks a heck of a lot like the emotional profile of someone who hasn't been physically active for a long time: You're down, you get easily annoyed with minor issues, you may go into a shell and start behaving a little antisocially.

This goes for elite athletes as much as us recreational folks. The only difference is nobody has studied and worked with recreational athletes on their emotional games, until DeepFit.

In the first post of this blog series, I outlined how to use your DeepFit dashboard to optimize training within your chosen sport. This post is about the bigger picture. Your emotional status affects every part of your day, and you can use your dashboard to gain clarity every morning. Here's how:

  1. After completing your morning self-report and clicking through to your dashboard, take a look at the emotions trend column for the last few days. Scroll up and down over the last few weeks to get a sense of your own personal averages. Everyone is different!
  2. Iceberg, V, Uphill or Straight-line? We're focusing on today's curve. Uphill and V shapes mean you're carrying significant stress right now. Iceberg means stress is low and you're generally feeling vigorous. Straight-line implies a transitional zone between stress and vigor, when feelings such as vulnerability and confusion can emerge.
  3. It's all good. No emotional profile is "bad." This is about awareness, not who feels better than someone else. Simply ask yourself, what are the specific emotions that are causing me to have high stress (or vigor) right now? What's behind them? Your GDR color can be a clue in this. If it has been gray for a few days, you may be over-reaching within your workouts, which usually causes a rise in annoyance, anger, worry and other stress emotions. If the GDR is blue or black, but stress is still high, those emotions are probably coming from non-training factors.
  4. Plan your day. Fit your plan for today to your emotional status. If stress is a limitation right now, don't go nuts in either your workout or your work. If you're currently an iceberg, feel the rush and go for it!

People spend a lifetime gaining emotional clarity, so don't expect nirvana the first few weeks using your DeepFit dashboard. Still, I hope it can be a tool for you in your daily routine!

Questions? Email me anytime.