Let's do this.

Black Friday is two weeks from today. It's a day that symbolizes holiday craziness and, for many athletes, a higher level of difficulty staying in our performance and fitness routines. 

Team DeepFit can change that story. I want the entire team to reach "black" status on their dashboards on Black Friday. I want you to feel your best as you head into the peak of the holiday season.

With a bit of focus, it's not hard to accomplish. Here's the plan!

  1. Get your recovery right. Eat well, sleep well, zap soreness and, most of all, congratulate yourself daily on these improvements. Feel good about what you're doing for your body.
  2. Push hard in your training all next week. Assuming you aren't injured or sick, go ahead and push yourself to a high level of exertion through next Friday. You know you won't be able to push as hard during the week of Thanksgiving, especially if you're traveling.
  3. Prepare for emotional and mental stress. Uncle Joe will definitely get tipsy and say something rude on Thanksgiving. Holiday shopping will definitely take its toll. Prepare in advance by doing some extra yoga and meditation for the next two weeks. 
  4. Be grateful on Thanksgiving. That's what the holiday is all about. Don't beat yourself up if you eat more calories than you think you should. Don't add internal stress on top of the external factors. You're an athlete. You're strong and healthy. You're an inspiration to friends and family. That's something to be very thankful for.

I'll send individual Black Friday tips to each DeepFitter as we approach Thanksgiving, based on trends and correlations I'm seeing in your data. Keep up with your reports so we can achieve the best results!

You rock!