DeepFit's Mission

All athletes – from recreational to professional – know that inner strength is just as important as muscle and equipment in achieving their breakthrough goals. What many recreational athletes don’t know is that inner strength is just as measurable and coachable as what the visible body is doing.

DeepFit’s mission is to bring a laser focus on the heart and mind in sports, leveraging today’s research around grit and neural training to support performance breakthroughs for mid- to high-level recreational athletes.

Bodies and movements are relatively easy – they are visible to peers, coaches and ourselves (in mirrors or on video). Heart, and especially mind, are the “underwater” components of athletic performance. They are hard to see and often overlooked. DeepFit is developing both low- and high-tech tools to hack that problem.

In the end, we want you to have the same deep reservoir of mental fitness and heart-centered grit that the world’s elite athletes enjoy. You’ll level up faster and you’ll have more fun doing it!

Fitness and connections are the foundation for everything human communities can achieve. DeepFit is about deep collaboration in the process of becoming stronger and more resilient human beings. In the very long term, we want to help paint an aggregated picture of real health for the globe – collective awesomeness!

Dan, founder & organizer