In your first 7 days on the DeepFit platform, you'll get to know our system and you'll get to know yourself a little better.

At the end of this baseline week, we'll unlock your individual DeepFit dashboard! The dashboard helps you gain clarity on your current mental and emotional states, and your performance readiness.

Here's the information we're gathering and analyzing to set your baseline:

  • Sleep quality. This is the very first question on the DeepFit Daily Self-Report. During baseline week, we're taking an average to see what a typical week of sleep looks like for you.
  • Emotional range. As you go farther with DeepFit, we'll track your emotions at a more granular level. For now, we're just looking at the total number of emotions you are typically aware of in any given week.
  • Nutrition, hydration and muscle soreness. Before we are able to search for correlations in this data, we need to establish an individual average for you. 
  • Perception of exertion. This is another key factor we'll continue to track over time. During baseline week, we're asking you to get used to assigning a number for perceived exertion (also known as RPE). If you've been using a heart rate monitor for this purpose, you may be able to hone in very quickly.
  • Central and autonomic nervous system usage. In the self-report, we ask you about how you're using your brain during workouts (coordination and self-talk). We also ask about your adrenaline balance, which is a way of getting at your personal baseline for the overall autonomic system.

After the free dashboard preview on day 7, you have the option to pay a $30 annual fee to stay on DeepFit and continue using it in your training! (If you're working with a coach who is also on DeepFit, you don't need to pay this fee.)

Questions? Send Dan an email anytime during the process.